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Happy Waggy Tails | Three Barn Cats

Pictures of Cats - Picture of our 3 barn cats we adopted in July 2020.

Barn cats - Bobbie, Kim and Meg

Our three adorable barn cats we adopted in July 2020, during the covid-19 lockdown in our area. We had asked to rehome feral cats and this had been arranged for August. Due to other cicumstances we were asked to take the 3 farm cats that needed to be rehomed. They have turned out to be a real delight to have and are great fun to play with. We keep them in a secure cat enclosure for their own safety as they were from a farm half a mile from the nearest road. While I had wanted feral cats to keep the vermin down around the croft I did not want to put these very friendly cats at risk as we are only 80 metres from at times a busy road, where several of other people's cats have died over the years. They now have an outdoor enclosed run with their sleeping area within the wood shed. They appear happy and contented.

Our cat pictures can be used for personal use, if used online or in print media please give attribution to the happy waggy tails website under a Creative Commons 5.0 licence.