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Cats @ Happy Waggy Tails - Cat Playing with Feather Toy

Pictures of Cats - Cat Picture 26 - Our cat Bobbie playing with one of her cat feather toys, its fun.

Cats - Cat Picture 26 - Cat playing with a cat feather toy

Picture of our cat, Bobbie, playing with her cat feather toy. Playing with your cat is good for them and helps keep them healthy, both physically and mentally. It is also fun for the human. Most cats love being played with and if your cat is an indoor only, or restricted to a catio / cat enclosure, then it is also good for their mental health and may reduce unwelcome behaviour in the home or out in the catio.

Our cat pictures can be used for personal use, if used online or in print media please give attribution to the happy waggy tails website under a Creative Commons 5.0 licence.