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Happy Waggy Tails | Black Cats Love their Comforts

Pictures of Cats - Heidi who adopted us a couple of years ago just loves lying next to, or on the radiator.

Our black cat, Heidi, loves lying next to anything warm.

Heidi who decided to move in with us a couple of years ago, loves her comforts. She was originally called Mary and moved into our wood shed when her lovely owners adopted a feral kitten, and she moved out of the house. After six weeks we discovered she belonged to one of our neighbours who decided it was better that she stayed with us as she appeared settled. The other reason was that she had to cross a main road to get to our small croft and the worry was she could get knocked down. We are so glad that Heidi came to us as she is the most affectionate cat and loves lying on my knee. Black cats are so overlooked at cat rescue centres and people should think about how silly old superstitions are and adopt a black cat the next time they want a cat.

Our cat pictures can be used for personal use, if used online or in print media please give attribution to the happy waggy tails website under a Creative Commons 5.0 licence.